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SINCE 1951
About Chinatex

Chinatex Corporation, originally China National Textiles Import and Export Corporation, was established in 1951.

Since its establishment sixty-seven years ago, Chinatex has been adhering to scientific development and constant innovation and has gradually developed from a traditional textile trade enterprise into a large group with a good brand reputation at home and abroad. Chinatex's business covers cotton, wool, chemical fiber trade, cotton textile R & D and production, dyeing fabrics, clothing trade and domestic retail, and domestic and overseas exhibitions.

Having cotton fields, cotton mills, dyeing factories, knitted and woven garment factories distributed at home and abroad, Chinatex is one of the largest cotton traders in China, one of the sponsors in the national cotton trading market, an important buyer in the Australian wool auction market, one of the Asian industry leaders in textile & dyeing production capacity, and one of the top professional uniform suppliers in China. Chinatex, with a number of national patents in cotton textile, is a drafter of multiple national standards and one of the major military yarn suppliers. AFF (Asia Fashion Show), organized by Chinatex, is the largest and most professional textile & apparel OEM·ODM exhibition in the Japanese market.

手机云顶集团国际娱乐网址 In July 2016, Chinatex was integrated into Cofco Group as its whollyowned subsidiary subject to approval by the State Council. According to its 14th Five-Year Plan, Chinatex is now adhering to the overall guiding principle of "professional management and industrialization development", shouldering the important historical missions of "serving as the major force in maintaining the safety of the national cotton industry, a leader in cotton market regulation, and a practitioner of green, environmentally friendly factories", vigorously enhancing its vitality, influence and control in the industry, and striving to become a world-class cotton merchant.

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